Win a Date With Sophia Blake – Olivia Austin, Charlotte Cross, Mia Li, Bianca Breeze

A-list Hollywood actress Sofia Blake (Olivia Austin) is having the worst day of her life…and the paparazzi have made sure to plaster it all over the tabloids. In a last ditch effort to save her image and career, Sofia’s publicist has concocted a scheme to raffle off a date with the star to her movie premiere. Both Sofia and contest winner Justin have pretty harsh pre-conceived notions of each other. Will the “date” be another disaster for the actress or will they discover opposites sometimes really do attract?

From porn-actress-to-director Stormy Daniels comes a “couples friendly” hardcore release.  Yes, there’s a plot (thin as it may be), but more important, there’s beautiful and lots of fucking.  Of course, being a “couples film,” there are condoms, just so you know.


Scenes include oral sex, intercourse in multiple positions, and cumshots (without condoms).

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