Xev Bellringer: Xev and Leia Fuck a Fan / 2018.01.29


Xev And Leia Fuck A Fan

Fuck! This video is so hot I’m probably going to hurt myself fapping to it. Like many of you, I absolutely love Xev, and I go nuts when she does a video with Leia. But I’ve only ever seen one Xev video where she really has sex. In this one, Xev and Leia not only play with each other and blow the stunt cock, they both get fucked in POV cowgirl style. And Xev ends up taking the creampie! This is definitely the hottest Xev clip, ever.

From the website:


Out of hundreds of men, you won the contest… to do ANYTHING you want to Xev and Leia for one night. And they are excited. The girls don’t waste any time slowly disrobing each other in front of you, softly touching, teasing… kissing. But they want you, and before you know it, the pants are off and you’re on your back with your two favorite porn stars closing in on your cock. Xev and Leia’s lips caress the length of your shaft, then greedily bury it in their mouths. The girls can barely contain themselves… and Leia can’t stop sucking so you fill her little mouth up with cum. She loves it, your hot seed pooled on her tongue, the taste of your pleasure. Xev is over come with jealousy and mounts you immediately, sinking her tight pussy onto your sensitive cock. She’s not done with you yet, and neither is Leia. You’ll cum again, this time in Xev’s pussy!


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